Jules at Play

At heart, Jules is by his own admission just a big kid. Never happier than when he's making things, his workshop is his own escape. Designing, upcycling and renovation are lifelong interests that are now much employed as he and his family continue the restoration of their 16th century farmhouse and garden on the Welsh Borders. From furniture to buildings and landscape design, Jules is at heart a creative bloke with an infectious enthusiasm for the projects he undertakes.

Four legged friends

Jules is a passionate dog lover, particularly when it comes to his own two Labradors, father and son duo Iolo and Teddy. They are key members of the family, and on occasion have also crept or been carried in front of a camera! He's also a keen horseman having ridden all his life and his talents have often been put to good use on Countryfile.

Renovation Game

Jules loves the business of building and re-building, and has long been a champion of up-cycling, finding inventive ways to re-use and re-purpose redundant everyday items. From his days as an archaeologist and historic surveyor, to a lifetime spent immersed in his own renovation projects, his fascination, enthusiasm, and knowledge of what it takes to transform a wreck into a beautiful home is rarely lost on those he regularly meets through his work on TV and beyond.

Jules the Collector

Jules' love of history has not surprisingly expanded over the years into a love of antiques and collectibles and the social history that surrounds them. A stint on the BBC hit Cash in the Attic both indulged and expanded his love of collecting. These days, militaria is top of the list, and Jules is often found seeking out yet more bits and pieces to add to his growing array of items relating to his love of social and military history. From a Jeep and various arms and munitions to the every day minutia of a soldier's life, every object tells a story to a man who's sense of the past is founded on the material things that history and our forbears have created and left behind.

accidental-gardenerThe Accidental Gardner

Jules and his family are keen gardeners, and are lucky enough to have some two acres of lawns, woodland and borders in which to develop their gardening vision and experience. When not writing, filming or busy in the workshop, a perfect day is grafting in the garden, designing, building and planting an increasingly enchanted outdoor space within a classic framework of outdoor rooms. A self confessed professional amateur, Jules has spoken to various clubs and conferences on one of his favourite subjects, entitled 'The Accidental Gardener', and he's currently researching his first book, on the Walled Gardens of Britain.