Country Escape : February 2014

Welsh Border Life

Watching the January weather pound the town that was his home for 20 years was a very emotional time for Jules. Have our lessons been learnt, he wonders.

Since the late 13th century, Edward I’s castle has overlooked the coastal town of Aberystwyth at the centre of Cardigan Bay. Over hundreds of years it has seen the town below wax and wane as its fortunes have changed. In the early 15th century the castle was the seat of power for Owain Glyndwr, but during the civil war Cromwell’s lads effectively demolished it, lest it should ever be of use to those troublesome Royalists. Since then it’s seen calmer times. The town grew during a flush of expansion at the hands of the Victorians and Edwardians, who created the promenade and many of its now famous institutions and buildings: the University, The National Library, the Pier (built by pier supremo Eugenius Birch no less), and the railway that connects the capital ofMidWales to the rest of the world, to name but a few.


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