Country Escape : March 2014

Welsh Border Life

Jules’ longstanding love for natural wood prompts him to learn the ancient craft of working with wild wood, such as green oak, and become an artful bodger.

Since I was a boy, I’ve always had a love of natural wood. Growing up in the 1970s, I can recall many a news report that warned of the imminent disappearance of trees across the country, reports that to be honest I found hard to comprehend. Since then, mercifully, these gloomy predictions have failed to materialise, but they did give us all a collective kick up the backside to understand the importance of trees to our landscape, not just as part of the ecosystem. Trees are a powerful additive to our spiritual well being. I’ve yet to meet anyone, countryphile or townie, who doesn’t appreciate the majesty of an old oak, or the dramatic colours that warm swathes of woodland on a bright autumn day.

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