Defenders of the Sky

Ever since he was a boy, Jules has had a fascination with engineering and science. In this ten-hour series for The History Channel H2, Jules explores the leading role Britain has played in the history of global aviation as the series reveals the stories behind ten of our most important airfields. From Britain’s first flight, to the Battle of Britain, the invention of the jet engine, the nuclear arms race and the Cold War, each episode combines Jules’ passion for the past with his boyhood dream of flying in some of the most iconic historic aircraft still airborne.

From the Tiger Moth to the Spitfire, the world’s first jet fighter, the Meteor, to the last of the Navy’s great Sea King helicopters, Defenders of the Sky is a definitive series, underpinned by Jules’ infectious enthusiasm for aviation and the pioneering men and women from Britain who led the world in the history of flight.