Dig 1940

Produced to commemorate one of the most momentous years in British history, Dig 1940 was inspired by Jules’ love of military archaeology. This three-part series went in search of what remained from the Battle of France, the Battle of Britain and the Blitz. As well as exploring battlefields and bunkers at home and in Europe, Jules and his team of experts recovered the remains of a Hurricane, a Stuka, a Heinkel and a Dornier, as well as a fascinating collection from the beaches of Dunkirk where his grandfather had struggled for survival over seventy years ago, whilst in London his father recalled his own narrow escape from the subsequent Blitz.

Jules’ expertise and family connections with the period ensured that Dig 1940 received much critical acclaim both here and abroad, and proved a ratings winner at 7.30pm on BBC1. Combining first hand discoveries with powerful personal accounts, the series was a fitting tribute to those who fought to keep Britain in the war through its darkest days and finest hours.