In this two part special, Jules tells the story of the longest, most important and arduous campaign of the Second World War, The Battle of the Atlantic. The story itself is not new, but the way it’s revealed is. At the end of the war, most of Hitler’s U-Boats were deliberately scuttled, sunk off the coast of Northern Ireland, often within sight of the shores that surround one of the battle’s most important ports, Londonderry.

Following several specially commissioned dives to the wrecked U-Boat fleet, the series unfolds the story of the U-Boat war, exploring unique examples of both U-Boats and ships that took part in the campaign now resting on the sea bed, trapped in time. The series also reveals the astonishing role that Derry, its people, and its fleet of escorts played in what Churchill often described as the bloodiest battle of the war. Using footage never seen before, Dive WWII is a forensic exploration of the lost U-Boat fleet and many of its victims, uniquely revealing the triumph and the tragedy of the Battle of the Atlantic.