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Jules' TV career now spans twenty years. The first half he spent behind the scenes, using his background in history and archaeology on the production of several media landmarks that have now become household names, including Horizon and Time Team, as well as numerous drama documentaries and military history series. Working in production both here and abroad, from South America to Europe, the Middle East and India honed his expertise in the craft of filmmaking at every level. For the last decade he's brought this unique background to the business of presenting, combining a keen understanding of the challenges of producing, with his own talent for engaging the audience.

It is this combination of skills forged both behind and in front of the camera that have given Jules a particular ability to author his work, to develop editorial content and collaborate closely in the creative process with production companies and crews, skills that have long made him popular with colleagues and viewers alike.


Chastleton House


Jules' interest in property goes back to his childhood, growing up in East Anglia and being immersed in the rich vernacular architecture of the Essex/Suffolk borders. From the great Churches of the wool trade such as Kersey and Lavenham, to the Timber Framed merchants houses, Guild halls and cottages that define much of the regions timeless appeal, Jules has long been inspired not just by buildings of pedigree, but importantly by how they were built. As an archeologist, investigating the often sketchy remains of structures required a forensic understanding of how they were made, and set in motion a lifelong fascination with the material and social history of buildings. For the best part of a decade, his knowledge has informed series such as Escape to the Country, Britain's Empty Homes and Britain's Heritage Heroes, and he's increasingly asked to comment on current property issues for TV, Radio and in the Press.


Jules on Countryfile

Jules on Countryfile

Jules grew up in Colchester, Britain's oldest recorded town, a place steeped in history and surrounded by Roman Walls. It was here that he was inspired with a love of the past that eventually led him into an early career as an archaeologist working in the UK, Europe and the Middle East, specialising in archaeological fieldwork and latterly geophysics. Studying first at University of Wales Lampeter, he went on to gain a masters degree in Archaeological Survey from Durham in 1996, before being awarded an honorary fellowship from the University of Wales in 2013 for services to history.

Jules is an expert in 20th century military history, expertise he tested in 2012 during Celebrity Mastermind in which he won his specialist round on the subject of 'Operation Market Garden', and the Arnhem Campaign of 1944. His appetite for archaeology, architecture, science and engineering, and his ability to share his passion for the past and the people that made it, have together established Jules as a genuine and credible all-rounder who's historical exploits are as popular in the UK as they are in territories where his series have been sold, not least Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Jules in Print

Jules is a keen writer and loves playing with words, whether he's crafting a piece to camera or a full blown feature. A regular contributor to Countryfile Magazine, he's also written for Homes and Gardens, Discover Britain and numerous publications that champion his interests in the countryside, property and history, and has spoken at the Hay Literary Festival. Now based on the Welsh Borders after a lifetime spent in the Cambrian Mountains of West Wales, he writes a monthly column for Welsh Border Life, sharing both his adventures and passion for the region that is his home.

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Charity Work

Jules enjoys supporting a range of good causes. Over the years he's helped fundraise for numerous local charities including the Labrador Rescue Trust and Wales Air Ambulance. Having seen first hand the work carried out by the Gurkha Welfare Trust in Nepal, Jules appearance on Celebrity Mastermind raised £3k for the Trust, and he is now a GWT Ambassador. In 2015 he was appointed the new President of CPRW, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, and he regularly supports Help for Heroes, often donating fees given for public talks on his life and work.




Jules is always happy to consider hosting a range of events, and brings his hallmark sense of warmth, flexibility and fun to the proceedings, ensuring that the order of play runs smoothly whilst engaging the audience. What you see on TV is what you get in real life... just Jules.

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